Finding a lost friend should be affordable!

Search millions of records


It seems like every month, there's a new "Public Records" website.
And they all charge too much, after making you wait through six progress bars.

FoundU is different.

  1. Faster. Seriously, check it out!
  2. More advanced search tools.
  3. Virtual Mailboxes You can leave a message for anyone.
  4. We don't reveal email addresses (EVER!), but will forward messages.
  5. Store your search and receive notifications when new records are added that match your search.
  6. Tools to search other sites and tips on using them effectively. By combining results from different sites, you can find almost anyone.

Basic features are FREE, and our premium service is only $5, which gives you unlimited searches.    Forever!
Because finding a lost friend should be affordable for everyone.

Like most records search sites, we can find some records about 75% of the time, and the freshness of the contact info varies. We have our own database of millions of email addresses, that no one else has.

How it works:

Start by doing some simple searches.

Next, use our Advanced Search Form to narrow your search and to create a message for the person you are looking for.

If you find who you are looking, compose a message and we'll try to deliver it. If don't find them, we'll save your message for them to find later.

But we don't stop there. In our University section, we'll present your other options and show you which other sites to use, which ones to avoid, and how maximize their effectiveness, with the least cost. Learn how to find almost anyone, like the pros do!